temporal observation redux: imagery

temporal ob2

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meditation of Desoto micro-temporality






This micro-scale observation acts as a model essentially for larger macro-scale temporal change.  It is an interpretation with potential to lead to more comprehensive insight and a point of reference by which to measure macro temporality.  For instance my micro-scale observation of the water lapping at the bank and its increased force after a tugboat passing can lead to the inference of bank erosion over time with greater proportion due to river traffic and its resulting wake.  Moreover, one individual’s experiential observations can be translated or extrapolated to another’s.  The frequency of an event might suggest another’s chance of witnessing the same at a future date.  Scales carry inherent threads of connection.

This scale can also be described as the recording interval of observation.  New observations, realizations, points of reference, focus, and varied typologies of activity correlate with the time of day.  Had this same recording time been exercised at night, for example, I would have had a rather different temporal experience.  Interest might have been more attuned to sounds due to decreased visibility, or the light of the moon would have influenced my reading of light conditions.  Not only the temporal space of the interval but also the length will have this effect.  A nine hour observation would have lead me to an augmented or even drastically different site conclusion.

We are designing primarily for the human-scale.  These human-scale observations directly influence design and the design process.  One needs contextual appreciation for the successful design of compelling spaces.   Specific elements should be identified in order to capitalize on their novelty.  Temporal observations do just this.  Subsequently, the elements of a site language can be defined, appropriated, and elaborated upon, attune with the sense of place and the role of time.

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this is what i’m talking about

flexible, responsive, and adaptable urbanism.  leave it to the resourcefulness of the common man, or woman.

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prezi pres

The River’s Edge: River Geomorphology and its Design Implications


far superior to powerpoint slides, though i think some of the most effective prezi presentations minimize the motion sickness and utilize the prezi navigation at select moments, thereby adding weight and richness through restraint.

then again, my wormhole of time was pretty crunk.

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project two point zero zero one

connection section
thought i should give a moment here to my model:

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project two felt rushed, more so than normal even.  never felt like i could really think things through to the point they should have been.  it’ll be interesting to see how much of people’s designs will be carried into the final project.

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new studio persona

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cultural artifacts

cool conservation work by space-time artist:  preserving google earth distortions: 3d space to 2d screen creates some trippy algorithymic hiccups:

Clement Valla: Postcards from Google Earth | Apartment Therapy New York.

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